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Symphony Spread



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Dip, drizzle, chew, stir or squeeze. With a pleasantly smooth flavour, our Chocolate Sauce is an exceptional way to any drink, dessert, salty snack or fruit.

Rich dark chocolate aroma and flavour, creamy and indulgent but not overly sweet. This Dark Chocolate Sauce is the perfect ingredient, topping or drizzle when making desserts, cocoa and coffee drinks.

Rich, vanilla flavor of our White Chocolate Sauce is the perfect complement to premium drinks as well as other fruit and nut flavoured desserts or beverages. Light vanilla aroma and milky, creamy white chocolate taste.

This Milk Chocolate Sauce is creamy and indulgent for gourmet toppings, dips or beverages. Perfect choice for all your applications where you want a milky sweet and rich chocolate profile.

Rich and sweet smoothness of Flavoured Chocolate Sauce delivers mouth-watering decadence to your creations. We are dedicated to elevate your next innovation with our broad and complex array of flavour selections.

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