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Chocolate lovers here

Our fans describe mornings brightened by the sweet, yet healthful indulgence of our spread. Join our community of chocolate lovers who've found their perfect match for breakfast with our exquisite spread.

Healthier Choice, 0% Sugar

Meticulously crafted for those seeking a guilt-free indulgence, this exquisite spread redefines the chocolate experience. Immerse yourself in the velvety richness without compromising on health, as it contains 0% sugar. Perfectly versatile, whether enhancing your morning toast or adding a touch of sophistication to desserts. Elevate your palate with a product designed for those who appreciate the finer, healthier things in life. Make the professional choice for your indulgence.

Finest Ingredient, Classic Taste

The perfect balance of a full-bodied dark chocolate and a pure hazelnut paste are artfully mixed according to our proprietary recipes to reveal its potential and its unique qualities. By merging both hazelnut and chocolate in traditional and modernist approaches to create chocolate with distinctive and consistent flavours.

We are officially certified!

These indicators means a lot to us! It is not easy for us to get you the best and the most quality product for you, so it proves that our food meets the quality specifications

Chef Recipe

A jar of chocolate spread with some ingredients can create such a beautiful melody

Banana French Toast

Ingredients: Symphony Hazelnut Chocolate spread, toast, banana slices, eggs and butter.

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Dreamy Marshmallow Toast

Ingredients: Symphony Hazelnut Chocolate Spread, Toast, Butter and marshmallow.

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Choco Berries Banana Split

Ingredients: Symphony Dark Chocolate Spread, 1 cut in half banana, plain yogurt, fresh berries and Chia seeds.

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Hazelnut Chocolate Potato Chips

Ingredient: Symphony Hazelnut Chocolate Spread, Symphony Roasted Hazelnuts and Original Flavour Potato Chips.

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